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Help Jellyboy the Clown

Help Jellyboy the Clown

I’ve been thinking for days now on what to write here. It’s tough. It’s about a great friend who is in critical condition.

As many of you have heard by now, my friend Jellyboy the Clown was in an apt fire at 4am on Saturday morning July 2nd. He was trapped in the apt and was found passed out in a room trying to escape the flames. He suffered 3rd degree burns on his face, head, hands and arms. The worst of his injuries is the severe smoke inhalation damage he suffered to his lungs. Because of his severe and extremely painful injuries he was put in a medical coma and has been in this coma since his arrival to the hospital July 2nd. It is very difficult to see him like this. He is usually an extremely vibrant, happy, hard working performer. He has been an incredible friend to me for last 5 years. I can not just sit by and let him wake up and not only deal with the pain of his injuries and the physical therapy he’ll have to go through, plus the fact that he will not be able to perform for quite some time once he does wake up (that will wreck him the most. NOTHING could ever stop Jelly from performing anywhere for anyone. You could chain him to a radiator and he’d still manage to get to his gig and not only on time, but usually early!) but to then also have to worry about the expenses accrued from all this treatment and the coma and the hospital having to have a nurse watch him 24hrs since he is on respirator!? I will not let this happen. I will do all I can to help him and his family NOT worry about this. They have so much more to worry about. He will have so much more to worry about. I will not let this be one of those worries.

Jellyboy is a full-time performer so of course, does not have health insurance.

That’s why for starters I’m asking you all to donate.
I’ve set up a account and linked it to a paypal account for donations that he will get out once he wakes up from the coma. Give all, give anything but please, give something.


Secondly, Anya Sapozhnikova and I are putting on a HUGE fundraiser show for Jellyboy at the HOUSE of YES on Wednesday July 20th! We are pulling together the best of the best in entertainment, sideshow, burlesque, music, and dj’s. The list of entertainers becoming involved keeps growing but so far we have Gal Friday, Trixie Little & the Evil Hate Monkey, Julie Atlas Muz and Mat ‘the Sealboy’ Fraser, Donny Vomit & Heather Holliday, World Famous *BOB*, the LOVE Show …. and the list keeps growing. we will have the complete list and complete details of the show and after party within the next few days.

So please, SAVE THE DATE: Wednesday, July 20th. 8pm Show, 11pm after party. at the House of Yes/Skybox in Brooklyn.

Thank you all so much. This means a lot to me and it will mean the world to him.

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