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Henenlotter Dermody 60th Birthday Bash

R Bar in NYC was jam packed for Frank Henenlotter, director of the cult films Basket Case and Frankenhooker along with Dennis Dermody, film reviewer for Paper Magazine, 60th birthday party on Monday, Aug 30th. They wanted me to give them a crazy, nyc style variety show so I gave them one.

The show was so much damn fun especially performing for a bunch of people that have never seen sideshow or burlesque live before. They screamed, yelled, hooted and hollered their brains out. Everyone had such a great time. And what great show would not be complete without a fight breaking out during Rose Wood’s number.

Henenlotter later told me he got dozens of emails from his friends saying that the show totally blew their minds. They had never seen anything like it before. I think we scarred a few people and they loved it.

Oh, and at the party was Frank DeCaro, of SIRUS satellite radio fame. I’ve been a fan of his since I saw him on the new “I’ve Got A Secret” on GSN network. He then went on his show and talked about my performance and about my body (I did the adult version of my straight jacket escape). Sweet!!!

It was a great party, fantastic show, awesome people and one Hell of a 60th Bday. Thanks to my performers; Jellyboy, Ms Tickle, GoGo Harder, Apathy Angel, and Rose Wood.

No one will ever forget this awesome night!

Happy Birthday Frank & Dennis!!!

The end of the show singing happy birthday to Frank & Dennis

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