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Cadabra Close-UpNight Clubs, Hospitality Suites, Private Parties, Holiday Gatherings, Club Parties, Teen–Adult Birthday Parties, Office Parties

Superior Close-Up, strolling, walk-around magic using cards, coins, rubber bands, borrowed objects and Mind Power! Watch as items Disappear, Fly across the room and Change shape all right under the noses of your guests. Intriguing stories, a great sense of humor and Amazing Sleight of Hand make this type of show ideal for parties where people are mingling and conversing (Office Parties, Hospitality Suites or a Holiday Get-Together). The Walk-Around Show is a very intelligent way to liven up any type of group gathering.

This type of show could last anywhere from an hour to 4 hours depending on the type of event and number of guests.

The show can also be modified to utilize specific company items, logos and slogans.

Cadabra SpectacularThe Cadabra Spectacular is a 45 minute, high energy stage show filled with humor, class and edge-of-your-seat-excitement with lots of audience interaction. This Wonderful Stage Show mixes astonishing illusion and sideshow stunts into one hilarious and incredible, breath taking show!

This show can include:

* The Electrified Man – 2,000 volts of electricty pass through Cadabra in an electrifying display of lightening manipulation!
* Human Blockhead (hammering a nail into the face).
* Astonishing Card Tricks designed for the Stage
* The Cage of Fire – A visually stunning appearance inside an empty cage from a flash of fire!
* Straight jacket while suspended high above the air!!
* Eating a 6ft long ballon AS SEEN on TV!
* Variation of the classic Bullet Catch!
* Razor Blade Swallowing
* The Metamorphosis –  In the blink of the eye Cadabra switches places with his assistant after being bound with chains and locked and sealed in a wooden crate!!!
* lots of Audience Participation, laughs, thrills, chills and amazement!!!


Also if you are producing a variety show of your own and want to add superior magic and/or sideshow you can hire Cadabra to do any of the above numbers. They can mixed, matched, twisted and reworked to fit into any show!

Diabolical Delights  18+

Diabolical Delights is one incredible classic Burlesque Show! LIVE saucy, sexy variety entertainment right before your unbelieving eyes! You’ll see twisted magic, sexy sideshow, eye-popping burlesque and vivacious circus variety acts. Lots of comedy, shimming & shaking, tassel twirling and extreme variety acts that create one incredible show of hootin’ and hollerin’ with audience participation and prizes.

* Burlesque Superstars
* Twisted Magic
* Sexy Sideshow
* Outrageous Circus Acts
* Audience Participation

Host/MCTurn your next event into a memorable experience. Albert Cadabra is one NYC’s top burlesque, variety and sideshow hosts. He mixes comedy, magic, illusions, escapes, sideshow stunts and audience interaction to keep people’s energy uplifted and their minds focused on how awesome your show, event, product or business really is. People will be talking, blogging and status updating on how great YOU are.

Albert is a reoccurring host to these fantastic shows just to name a few:
* The World Famous Pontani Sisters
* Ripley’s Believe It or Not Times Square
* Duane Park NYC
* The World Famous Slipper Room NYC
* Burlesque-A-Pades
* Trixie Little & the Evil Hate Monkey
* The New York Burlesque Festival
* The House of Yes HORROR SHOW!
* Sugar Shack Burlesque
* Le Scandal Burlesque

* plus many many more

Contact Albert Cadabra with any questions about bookings.

All Shows can be modified, mixed and matched to fit any and all event sizes or themes.
Shows can also be changed to use any specific Corporate items, logos or slogans or specifically involve the person of Honor without their prior knowledge.